Effective web promotion in 6 steps — Prague, March, 23

March 23 | Prague

The seminar is free and will take place in U Zajíce restaurant 🙂

Effective web promotion in 6 steps

All you want to know about Internet sales in simple words + participants’ case studies



For newbies
Simple language. Even with jokes.

Basics of promotion in 6 reports.

Only things that bring you money.

Analysis of participants’ sites
Live examples.


Evgeny Letov will share his experience:

12+years of experience400promoted sitesTop-100best SEO-companies in Russia

Since 2005, he has been promoting sites in Google and Yandex.

He promoted apartments for rent, toy stores, and even open-mine excavators.
Evgeny is the head of the «Promo Expert» studio. Following the results of 2017, his company is included in the TOP-100 SEO-companies in Russia for brand recognition («Tagline-2017»).

Certified Google Analytics Specialist. The official Training Partner of Yandex


You will learn:

  • The cost of advertising
  • What Internet marketing tools are right for you
  • How to make a user-friendly and effective website
  • How to increase the effectiveness of an advertising campaign


The seminar will take place in U Zajíce restaurant from 10 am to 4 pm. It will contain not only practical reports but also several coffee breaks. At the end of our meeting we will raffle certificates for free advertising and treat you with drinks and food at the buffet table.

The seminar is not only useful, but also delicious. Read the program and come!



Speaker & Thesises

10:00 — 10:30


10:35 — 11:10

How to create an effective websiteAnna Shelepanova

  • Examples of ineffective websites.
  • What do we need for conversion?
  • Combining offline and online.
  • Forming the landing page.
  • Leading to conversion.

11:20 — 11:55

Overview of the tools for website promotion

Evgeny Letov:

  • What is the tool for the image
  • What is better for sales
  • Channel comparison

12:10 — 12:45

Contextual advertising in Google AdWords, Sklik

Julia Nadyrova:

  • What is contextual advertising?
  • Basic Tools
  • Trends

13:00 — 13:35

SEO-promotion of a website in Google & Yandex

Anna Shelepanova:

  • Selection of semantics
  • Overview of search factors
  • Evaluation of the result

13:50 — 14:25

Website analytics

Evgeny Letov:

  • Conversion loss points
  • Analysis of application forms
  • Advertising economics

14:45 — 15:20

Useful tools that will make communication simple and build effective marketing

Ivan Shkirya:

  • Calltracking: what, why and how
  • Omnichannel communications
  • Features of marketing for private business

15:25 — 16:00

Certificates and buffet dinner

Information about speakers

Julia Nadyrova

Creates and manages effective campaigns in Google AdWords & Yandex Direct for more than 3 years.

Anna Shelepanova

Promotes sites in Google & Yandex searches and performs web-analytics for about 7 years.

Ivan Shkirya

The founder of callback service Callibri.
Experience — 5 years, 2500 clients

How it was!


Take part. It`s free!


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Restaurante — U Zajíce

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